Child ID Information


A Child Id allows adult children (single, married or with children) over the age of 29, to have access to ERBC for the summer without their parents (ERBC member) being present. A Child Id holder may also share the member's parking tag. Child Id holders do not get their own parking tag. Child Id holders may bring guests ($5.00 pp per day).

Individual $350
Family $500

Please submit Child ID Applications PRIOR to coming to the beach club each summer. Applications are processed off-site and it will allow for a smoother running front office if done in advance. Child ID Applications are mailed to participating members with the spring bills, but can also be downloaded by clicking: Child ID Application.

•Requests for Child IDs must come from the member, not the child.

•Child IDs will cost $350 for an Individual Child ID and $500 for a Family Child ID. A family is considered to be one or two parents and their single children up through age 29.

• Child ID holders may bring guests to ERBC and will be charged $5.00 per guest per day (children 12 and under are complimentary).

• Child ID holders must accompany their guests at all times. 

• The Child ID holder is entitled to use his/her parent’s parking tag to access the parking lot. Parking passes will NOT be supplied with the Child IDs.

• All charges incurred by holders of Child IDs are billed to, and the responsibility of, the Member.

• If the Member (parents) of a Child ID holder should lose or otherwise give up their membership to ERBC for any reason, the child is no longer eligible to obtain a Child ID

Sibling ID Information

The Sibling ID program is for adult children of long time ERBC members who inherit the family home upon their parents' passing or in estate planning.

  • Only one Sibling may apply for full membership and the others may purchase a Sibling ID pass for the summer.
  • Each sibling must remain a named owner on the property deed to qualify for this program.
  • Proof of ownership will be required.
  • All requests for Sibling ID program must be made in writing and presented to the ERBC Board for review and approval during the normal annual membership review period (January/February only)

The Sibling ID program works similar to the Child ID program whereby Sibling ID holders will share the parking tags of the member. Siblings may not purchase a home together and apply for the Sibling ID program. Please direct all questions about Sibling ID program to .

Sibling ID Application