Child ID Information


2020 Rates/Application will be available in late February/early March

Please request Child ID Cards PRIOR to coming to the beach club this summer. Requests will be processed off-site and it will allow for a smoother running front office if cards are already issued instead of filling out forms at the front desk on a busy Saturday in July. An additional fee of $25 will be assessed for any requests made after June 1st. Child ID Request Forms were mailed out with the spring bills, but can also be downloaded by clicking: Child ID Application 2019.

•Requests for Child ID Cards must come from the member, not the child.

•Child ID Cards will cost $225 for Single Adults with no children or $325 for Adult Children who are married and/or have children. A family is considered to be one or two parents and their single children up to age 29.

• Child ID Cardholders may bring guests to ERBC and will be charged $5.00 per guest per day (children 12 and under are complimentary).

• Child ID Card holders must accompany their guests at all times. 

• The Child ID Card holder is entitled to use his/her parent’s parking tag to access the parking lot. Parking passes will NOT be supplied with the Child ID Cards.

• All charges incurred by holders of Child ID Cards are billed to, and the responsibility of, the Member.

• If the Member (parents) of a Child ID Card holder should lose or otherwise give up their membership to ERBC for any reason, the child is no longer eligible to be a Child ID Card holder.