Membership Information

Existing Memberships


No member shall be given a parking pass nor shall the member be extended beach privileges until their account is paid in full.

Any membership fees in arrears for one year, as of June 1st, shall cause automatic forfeiture of membership.

Members who joined ERBC after 1988 will be required to maintain ownership in a home in the harbor area in order to maintain their membership.

ERBC memberships are NOT transferable within families.

Applicants for Memberships

Requirements: updated boundary information

Individuals or families interested in joining ERBC are required to own a home in the Westport Harbor area, extending to and including: the village of Adamsville, RI, Crandall Road north to Bramblewood Cross; west to Stone Church Road; south to Colebrook Road; west to John Dyer Road, south to Pottersville Road; east to Mullin Hill Road to Old Harbor Road. Also, Main Street east to Adamsville Road, up to and including Kaitlyn Court; Cornell Road east to Main Road.

Only one membership per household is allowed.

Any member who sells his/her home and moves out of the "harbor area" will have to forfeit his/her ERBC membership.

Sponsoring an Applicant

Prospective members must be sponsored by a current voting member in good standing:

1. The SPONSOR should request an application from the business office, email a request or download and fill out the Application for Membership (Click here to Download the form.)
2. Fill out entire application, and write a letter of proposal
3. Attach three (3) separate letters of recommendation from current ERBC members.
4. Enclose copy of the deed providing home ownership.
5. If the applicant is not the sole owner of the local home, applicant must provide a letter with the signatures of all other home owners (on the deed) acknowledging that the applicant will be only "eligible" applicant from the home, (only one membership per household is allowed.)
6. Mail completed application, letters of support and copy of deed to PO Box address. 
7. To be considered for the next summer season, applications should be received by ERBC no later than December 31st of the current year.
8. Sponsor's are asked to keep in communication with board about their candidate.