Rules & Regulations

Health & Safety

• Dogs and other animals shall not be allowed on beach club premises during normal hours of operation (9am - 6pm). Massachusetts has a leash law for dogs. All owners who walk their pets on the beach before or after the daily hours of operation are expected to pick up after and properly dispose of the pet's waste .

• No swimming when beach is closed by Westport Board of Health because of poor water quality.

Club Operations

• The Elephant Rock Beach Club premises are open between the hours of 9:00 am and 6:00 pm.
• The parking areas are open from 5:00 am to 9:00 pm. Police patrols will take notice of
• Automobiles parked on beach club premises must display a current season's parking pass.
• Lost and Found items will be kept by the beach club office staff for 10 days and then will be
disposed of in an appropriate manner.

Beach Safety

• Lifeguards have authority to require cooperation with respect to safety and unseemly behavior as
they shall determine. Failure to cooperate with them shall be cause for suspension of privileges.
• A set of restricted zones, extending from the center beach club steps to the water and in the areas
of the life guard stands, shall be kept clear at all times for safety purposes.
• Various flotation devices, swimming aids, "boogie boards" and other paraphernalia may be used at
the discretion and direction of the Life Guards.
• No vessels, sail, oar, or power, shall be used or anchored between the east and west safety ropes.
• No spear guns, barbed spears, or similar equipment shall be used in the vicinity of nor between the
east and west safety ropes.

Beach Flags & Swimming Conditions

Green Flag = Good Swimming
Yellow Flag = Caution: Fog, Undertow or Rough Surf
Red Flag = Beach Closed , No Swimming
Blue Flag = Jellyfish (possible stinging)
Black Flag = Dangerous swimming conditions exist
Shark Flag = Shark siting, Beach Closed, No Swimming


• Parents are responsible for the behavior and safety of their children.
• Members are responsible for their guests.
• No bicycles or other vehicles shall be ridden or driven on beach club structures. They should be
parked in designated parking areas or bicycle racks.
• No one is permitted on the roof of beach club buildings nor in other unsafe or secured areas.
• Food and beverages shall be eaten well apart from the restricted zones.
• All trash must be removed from the beach and placed in appropriate containers or taken away.
• Abuse of beach club property shall be cause for suspension of privileges.

Parking Policy

• There is no parking in the ERBC lots without displaying an approved ERBC parking tag!
• Parking tags are non-transferable outside membership and Family ID holders.
• FAMILY memberships can purchase a second parking pass for $100 per season - payment must be included with dues bill or cash/check at front desk when beach club is open. No charging additional parking pass.
• Additional parking is available at the Pond Area.
• Save a parking space, walk or bike to the beach.
• Do not leave children or animals in a parked car