Guest & Beach Pass Policies

Beach Pass Information

Beach Passes begin June 17, 2023 and run through September 4, 2023

BEACH PASS FEES (rates still subject to change for 2023)
Up to 14 days - $700
15-30 days - $1400
Over 30 days - $1800

The 2023 Beach pass season will start on June 17th and end on September 4th, 2023. Prior to June 17th the parking lot and beach are accessible as the office......

2023 Beach Pass Weeks (2 week minimum/no overlapping)
  • June 17-July 1
  • July 1-July 15
  • July 15-29
  • July 29 - August 12
  • August 12-26
  • August 26-September 4

Beach Passes are for non-members who are renting homes of ERBC members. Applications/payments are due at least two weeks before start of beach pass. A $100 late fee will be assessed for last minute applications. Beach pass holders will be issued a temporary parking tag for duration of pass. Members must never give their parking tag to renters. Members who are renting their home to beach pass holders are welcome to come to the beach club, but are not permitted to park in the parking lot while their home is being rented by a non-member who has purchased a beach pass.

ERBC NO LONGER permits unaccompanied guests. All guests must be accompanied by the ERBC member to the beach.

This requirement will hold true for members, Child ID Card holders, as well as Beach Pass Holders (families who rent homes from ERBC members).

Beach Pass Holders are limited to 10 guests per week.

  • All guests must be signed in at the beach club office or with the parking lot attendant if parking at the pond.
  • Children age 12 and under are complimentary.

Babysitters: (Policies apply to Members, Child ID Card holders and Beach Pass holders)
  • Babysitters should be introduced/registered with the office staff.
  • Babysitters are complimentary when they accompany the children of family members to the beach alone.
  • Babysitters will be considered/registered as a guest when they come to ERBC with both the parents/children.

Guest Fees
Member's Guests
Daily $5

Child ID Card Guests
Daily $5

Beach Pass Holder's Guests
Daily $15